Sunday, August 31, 2008

KEEP POSTIN!!!!!!!!!





AND FOR CHAYA-------------->MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!!


just wanted to make 1 post b4 i leave.. cuz i am leaving in a haour!! ahhh less- like 45 minutes ill miss u all and any1 who is gonnna be in chicago- COME VISIT ME!!!!!! pleeeeeezee thanks lol gtg but mwazzzz 

Saturday, August 30, 2008

hey guyz just a pic of me and my sis on the hammock in teh country ,... .keep this blog rockin ... im iyh goin back to ch tom, sun and then scewl strts tues :( cnat beleive e/t over... tev a! :( mwaz ! imiis u all so much !!! kit !!! make sure when yall come to ch letme know !! and kit by postin and not 4gettin bout ne1 !! mwaz !! luv yall !

Thursday, August 28, 2008

camp pixs

these are a few of my campers
im at the end of the pic next to my two co's and a couple of campers
this was my first day at camp which happened to be trip day to knotts berry farm (an amusment park)
three of my campers (these happened to be hard ones but cute) the boy on the right is a twin
these two are the other set of twins in my bunk

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


marriage counseling tonight
@ the bonfire!!
only $95 bucks a session!!!
waiting to hear from you!!!


JK- im still workin on my HS diploma ;)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

memories of days ...... :( and everything weve done .... :(

hey yall !!!!!!1
how yall doin !>!?!??1
well now im home ... been through teva and bjj
home rehypernating ... lol
hows pre-scewl bues goin !? lol!!!
cant beleive the summers gone !!!
thats it its over all those teva monets we went through ..
down the drain ... cnat veleive this blog is still rollin !!!!!
we rock !!! ya know why !!!!?!??--------------------
CUZ IM IN CHARGE OF U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jk ! i luv ya all !!!! and thanx 4 all u teva girls who came to visit
me in good old teebn camp ex.
chana guary , mushka minko, rivka raskin, chana deitch,....
dont be too jeolous !!!! we rocked the camp !!!
we must have a teva reunion ..... !!!!!
mwaz !! i miss ya all tonz !!!!!!!!!!!!!
kit !!!! let this blog keep on rockin !!!!
te te te te teva !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the samech ches !!
HEY guyz!!!!!!

missin ya all- from CH!!!!!!

skewls startin next week!!! AAAHH!!
i still dont have black shoes!!!
whoever finds me black shoes will get a really good prize worth $95 dollars!!
ooh la la!

i cant wait for skewl- and BRHS- betta beware, cuz were gonna take up the skewl by storm!!11!! ya WE ROCK!!
go 8th grade~!
i meant future ninth!!


neways.... lookin forward to hearin from u all !!
mwaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and keep postin!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

hey all u guys out there!!!!!!!!!

my sises camp just ended and all the counslers just left>>>>(im wiping away my tears)
it was the bomb
i miss my campers already theyr the cutest things
my twin campers said they will write me letters
they r heaven!
i didnt stop kissing them the last day of camp!
heeelp skewls starting so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi skewl here we come.......aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

neways i miss ya all like crazy!
and cant wait to see ya around....
ya betta keep posting yall
lets not make this like our vips blog
it lasted abt a month.....
love ya all
ps. good luck in skewl

Saturday, August 23, 2008

to brighten up the blog a little.....

gess wat ive been doing for the past month???
basically, my sister, (the one who some of u met) had a baby boy!
his name is benny, and well basically my sister in law came with her kids, and so i had to help my sis with her baby, and at the same time watch my other neice and nephew!
originally, they were gonna only come for two weeks,
but then it turned out that the baby was yellow, and so they stayed for a month!
(cuz thats how long the bris was pushed off)
and all this time i m here in postville, and all of u hav been here,
so u no wat i mean wen i say....
but im goin to new york soon, and then im off to skool!
btw, good luck wit dat everyone!

luv rochel g


yooooo pplll heyyy im back from camp emunah and i had a pretty good time thought nothing beat teva!!!!!!!! and me and chali were in the dame bunk and our bunk rocked we were always late and docked and doing wtvr we wanted and staying up till 6!!
and now after a shobbos home wich rocked since almost my whole family was home i want to go on a 6 mile hike now!!!!! andd hello i gained wieght since teva couse of stupid camp and f ood and lazyness and but one good thing is i got a tan and i have a week and a half vac till school so it rocks!!!!!!!!!! and my nails are soo cool there green gold and turqoise pattern and im now trying to get my sister to take me the bridge......and she doesnt really wanna go and my sis in law doesnt wanna go but if she did then my sis would go and my sis in law said yes but my sis is being reluctant!
oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy well one and maby well go ok gtg havdala well love you all and miss you and tootles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

love the one and only
qween of the universe
master of masters lol
mushky lakein!

Friday, August 22, 2008


im sure everyone did... well i shudent be so csure.. but ye!! K so i am back from costa rica and im soo mad cuz i didnt wanna leave!! excpet our driver was tryign to get rid of us erly :P jkk anyways iut was a blastt and ill email u guys pics soon-o and  to whoever posts thanxx aton cuz now i have something to do on this boring summre rday :P o and most important of all i am having a rlyy big crisis cuz i got my uniforms today and i look like the biggest GEEK of all times and i wanna cry!! maybe i shud join u chaya :P ye sry i just had to let that out ooooooooooooooohh and BTW costa rica remindid me so much of teva, we did white water rafting.. o anddd i told my father about all our "teva moments" b4 we left to CR and wherever we went he was like llooook chana a teva moment it was soo anoying but i kinda got the hang of it after a while lol. k i gtg but ttyl!! K.I.T!!! mwazzzzzzzzzzz
p.s. yasher koach to anyone who came this far and didnt fall asleep while reading this!! :P :D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

hey guyz !!!!!
its me again ! i just came back from teen camp this morning ! it was awesome ! i had such a blast ! nothig compsred to teva .... ! then i came home and slpet from 12 am to 12 pm ! i was zonked ! this summer flew bye WAY WAY too quick for me ! its over now theres school ! !!!! hallow ?! thats nutz ! i miss the teva days and the other day on a trip we had to daven on the bs and e/o was complain i was pactically in tears !!!! WE DID IT FOR A WHOLE MONTH !!! :(:(:(
i miss u all so much !!! and in order for us all to really keep in touch is to post and call and email ! so guyz post and ill send around an eamil 4 ne1 who already forgt about this blog ...! well have a good one ! enjoy the lastweek of ur summer ! take advantage ! lol! im missin u all so much !!!!!! mwaz !

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


now, this blog is REALLY dying- no- we cant lose another one... (sigh)!!

Let me get straight to the piont:
We cant just miss TEVA, we have to LIVE TEVA.

When u daven:

remember how we'd daven together (or more like to ourselves, but in the same place) and where... like- shachris on the bus, or shacharis overlooking the grand canyon. kabbolos shabbos @the bar in Cortez, colorado. davening in shul in Iowa. mincha @ Mt. Rushmore (and how everyone wouldve rather gone to the giftshop/? ;)---->quite common!!), and think of all those places where our davening really revealed the sparks- (for any snags reading this, refer to!!!

When u eat:

REmember all that FOOD (oatmeal, kasha, cocoa, cereal, noodles and cheese, hotdogs, tires, salad with cabbage, meatballs, wraps, chinese won ton, chicken soup. - OH! i almost forgot- the after-fast-food {not fast food- chas v'sholom} : salad- melted cheese potato, fresh rolls- YuM!!! cake, rugelach, fish, soup, ---> outta this world!! )!

and dont forget to "RUN, RUN< color="#ff0000" size="5">GO HOGGERS ! WE ROCK!!'

when u farbreng:

remember to sing TZAMA L'CHA... especially rosie and mishy! and to all u snags, remember to teach aniggun or 2 that u learned by ur nxt kumzitz ;) and those songs.................................................. oy yoy yoy yoy, dai dittiday, ...........achienu kol beis yisroel, esah anai... wow- were REALLY snaggin

when u schlep:

ok- lets face it, i bet none of us schlepped more in our lives then we did on TEva... duffells, ovens, food, WATER, grates, tents.... we really did it, personally, i think i lost more weight schleeping than hiking... - but DONT tell chayale...

When u use the "ladies room":

remember all those places we "made" in, to put it bluntly. ok... we didnt exactly have to use a hole in the ground, and some of the bathrooms were pretty decent ( like the JCC for example), and u know, i must admit, that even the tiolet without a flush in Mesa Verde, Colorado, wasnt that bad. u can dissaree, i just need proof with feedback. ;-)

When u eat ur shabboss meal:

dont forget shabbos at the bar-(would we ever!!) !!!!


shabbos at the shliach- THE BOMB!!- and mishy's and barfy's speech- and mivtzoyim- and how we got kicked out... and

TV disscussion with the RABBI>


and last but not least... shabbos in iowa!!
haunted house, rubashkin's house , couples house, Gurary's house- and those beer bottles!

runnin away from mexicans!!

When u sleep:

while u enjoy the cozy feeling of being in a BED in a sea of fluffy down blankets, remember sleepng in filthy tents, or under thwe stars. ZIon, grand canyon, bryce, motel, shliach, beer country (boys camp), mesa verde, badlands- what was the parks name again?>?- The tetons,!!

i'd give up my bed to have any of it now...

Now, close your eyes and go back to those moments- filled with fun and jubilations, remember the happy times, remember the sad... think... think... think...



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my life!!

Hey Guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!
missin me??

newayz, whether ur missin me or not, i miss y'all to peices!!!
i cant wait to see you again...lalalala....
actually, i made a hachjlata about no NJM (for definition, u must email me an email of at least 500 ENGLISH grammatically correct words!! and.... it must include a little love message (song, note, jiggle, wiggle, giggle, etc.) composed personally for me ;)!
I REALLY MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yes , you!)

also , for my Semi- Annual life update (, this is not the semi annual victoria's Secret sale ........;)- ..................
- -- -- -







b/c i wrote up a whole masseh and i forgot to save it!! too bad - lost patience-- mwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz---basically- iwent to emunah-0 i metr tonz of ppl. it was fun.. sarah vaynman - zeldie nem says hi...

i bought a watch and earrings today- i luvvvvv them~~

i miss ya all~~

to all of you mwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-

and to some of you-mwaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- thats the thing i met up for kisses and smacks- for ppl i love but annoy me;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

ME !

hey guyz ! how are yall doin !?!?!
omg havent spoken to all of u for ages !!!! well basically todays visiting day in emunah so i came home, EMUNAH is AMAZING !!! its awesome ! but its nothing comnpared to TEVA !!!! omg ! i miss that place like crz !!!!! all the gilrs sing ALL the teva cheers all day like TA TA TA TA TEVA !!!!! (BBBB BJJ!!!!! ;) ! we all rovk the place, when ever they complain bout the bugs/toilets/watre/food/laundry/ showers we give it to them over the head !!!! IF I SURVIVED A PIT HOLE IN NO WHERE U CAN SURVIVIE WITH RUNNING WATER !!! lo0l ! hallow its a blast we make them all jelous!!!! but camps a bl;ast !!!! its so much fun !!! this blog is rovking and yes chana minko even w/o me :P ! chaNA U WENT TO COSTA RICO IN THE END !?!?!? ur so lucky !!!!!! hope ur ghaving a blast !!!! and guyz we get teva visitors in emunah all the time chani v / mishi/ chana deitch/ rivka raskin !!! its rocks !!! HALLOW GUYZ SEND ME EMAILS !!!! go to and clik emila camper and email me the betst person that u all miss like crz !!!!! lol ! so i think i said enough andfilled my quota of posts for the day !!!! I M ISS U ALL LIKE CRZ NUTOSO !!!! I MISS TEVA ! TEVA MOMENTS !!! we must have a reunion !!!!!! and a comnferance call is so cute but wouldnt work out .,,,,,.... !!! k gtg ! MWAZ MWAZ MWAZ !!! MISSIN U ALL TONZZZZZZZZZZZZZZOOOOOO!!!!!!! LUV YA MISS YA KISS YA !!!!


Friday, August 15, 2008


AFTER EMUNAH ENDS....................

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey Ya'll my sis had a baby boy!!! (after 3 boys= 4 BOYS!!!!!!!) the babys name is Zev my brother-in-laws grandfather

Sunday, August 10, 2008

ATTN: New Yorkers!

hey all of u who live in the small world of c.h.-i'm gonna be coming in this shabbos for a friend's wedding so i wanna see u all in 770-no excuses! and i promise i won't tell u guys to be quiet in shul ;) alright can't wait to see y'all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

hey everyone!!! i'm in cali!!! yay mee!! lol anyhoo goldy its alright i just started at my day camp in santa monica and turns out i'm a jc which is not wat i wanted but i'll live but for the next two days i have to watch this troubled kid who never listens and oh i know wat its like to deal with a kid that never listens....i must have been a nightmare. poor counselrs lol but i'm enjoying the sun and today we had this big water slide moon bounce and the rest of the kids are yumm. but i'm missing being a camper in teva soo soo much!!! miss and love u all!!! mwa

Monday, August 4, 2008

hey guys

hey guys i just got my bunk today and have second graders mostly boy but b"H they dont act it. my co is chani schomroni if neone here knows her.
neways the 1st day i came which was thursday, we went to knotts berry farm, (which is an amusment park) so it was kind of a very full day cuz i ended up staying till 9 pm (counselors where able to able to stay late) then the next day i was put with pre-1a kids and then today i was finally put with a bunk im staying with. so basically im really cunfused with names because i've been with a bunch of kids already. but yea wtvr

neways i gtg so i guess i'll ttyl
sorry i cant post ne pix from camp cuz i left my camra in new york but if u want i'll post pixs from camp here and of my nephews

p.s. sara vaynman in case ur wondering why grandmother couldnt get u in its because they're extremly over staffed as there are three four counslors per bunk (i have 3 counselors for 12 kids :- )

hiya peoplesssssssssssssssss

we can't have a funeral for the blog keep on postin!!!!!! (look whos talkin!!)
i c chana m. is doin a good job!!!
i'm goin to the city tom. iy"h to get new retainers.......cuz i never found the ones i lost in camp
i'm just chillin like a villain now :)
have fun guys
and ya'll betta email me
okee dokee
so basically i'm a couselor for 4 yr old boys................and they sure act like boys....
oh yeh
it was rivka raskins bday this past shabbos so everybody email her..........
and i think i'll shut up for now
so kit guys
c ya all soon
or wheneva
mwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :*
hey ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!
im in the country and getting abissle board...plsssssssssssssssssss
come to visit me.

Hey Guys!!!

i miss ya all!
im in the country- but u can all give me ring asap!!!- 1347-200-5424

luv ya and,, ,wait.... my email is, keep postin those great pics and have fun whereever u are!!!
more from me later!!

Hey GUY!!